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Lake Chapala Things to Do!!!


Having a wonderful climate promotes a lot of outdoor activities all year round. This is obviously beneficial to sports and fitness enthusiasts with golf, tennis, cycling, walking, hiking in the mountains, volley ball, softball, horseback riding, swimming – in fact, just about any outdoor activity. The Lake Chapala area offers a host of recreational and leisure activities for both residents and visitors:

Golf in Lake ChapalaGolf
The Chapala Golf & Country Club and Chula Vista are both minutes away.

Balnearios (thermal baths)
The balnearios are one of the area's most relaxing and therapeutic natural attractions. There are numerous thermal springs, and the best known public balneario is close by in San Juan Cosala.

Swimming in Lake ChapalaSwimming
While the Lake is not particulary good swimming, there are pools and thermal baths, and the Pacific is only an easy drive (just over three hours) away. The coast from Manzanillo to beyond Puerto Vallarta is renown for its beautiful beaches.

Tennis is very popular, and for enthusiasts there are clubs and courts.

MariachiHorseback riding, biking, hiking and walking
There are pathes and trails through many interesting areas and parks.

Mariachi festivals
The traditional music of Mexico is celebrated often, and the annual festival brings out the whole community. The international mariachi festival is held in nearby Guadalajara in the late summer.

AjijicArt and artists
Ajijic has drawn artists and craftsmen for its beauty, community and superb natural light. Exhibitions change frequently and gallery openings are a favored social activity. Those dreaming of developing their own artistic talents will find many opportunities to train under accomplished artists in various techniques. There are dramatic scenes of pristine beuty all year long in Lake Chapala!!!

Charro RingsTraditional charro rings
... The original cowboys! A national sport since the 1930's, the charreada features intricate displays of riding and ropework. Newcomers to the charreada will be dazzled by not only the action in the arena, but with the dress of the participants as well - rich in color with detailed embroidery on both jacket and pants.

And there are many local, special fiestas and events during the year to attend, participate in and enjoy:

American Lake Chapala Society

Clubs and social groups
There are over forty active clubs and community service and social organizations that welcome the participation of all residents in the Ajijic area. Just to start the list... the Humane Society, the American Legion, several Garden Groups, Daughters of the American Revolution, Duplicate and Progressive Bridge Clubs, Culinary Arts Society, Computer Club, Needle Pushers, Music Appreciation Society, The Writer's Group, Genealogy Club, Chess Club, Lakeside Little Theater and two Yacht Clubs. There are also classes in music, handcrafts, art, computers and Spanish.

If you like gardening then Lake Chapala would be your personal paradise. Plants, flowers, trees grow at an incredible rate and the variety is unbelievable. Many of the potted plants north of the border are full blown trees here in Mexico. Here at Christmas you will see 4 – 6 foot poinsetta trees in full bloom.

The Lake Chapala Society

With more than 2500 members, the Lake Chapala Society is "the place" to meet and greet. With beautiful grounds and facilities, lots of events, an english language library of reknown and an impressive array of community contributions, it is well worth the minimal fee. The society has it's own website with lots of information at

Skiinn in Lake Chapala - Boca Laguna
The Climate of Chapala, Mexico is probably the first attraction for tourists. Chapala is rated by National Geografic as one of the best climates in the world. The year’round average temperature is about 28 Celsius. Chapala has been named “City of the Eternity Spring”. Chapala’s major sport is waterskiing due to the climate and lake, so come to Boca Laguna and enjoy waterskiing all year long!!!

Skiing in Lake Chapala Boca Laguna Extreme Sports in Ajijic, Lake Chapala

There are many associations and societies to belong to and if you like to ‘volunteer’ you will be in big demand.

  • Amateur Theatre at the Little Theater
  • Joining a choir
  • Becoming a part-time English Teacher
  • Sharing your hobby – teaching it to others
  • Painting
  • The Auditorio, arranged by such organizations as MAS (Music Appreciation Society)
  • The Little Theatre
  • Local restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Local Charities arrange numerous events at a variety of venues, quite often with big name artists.

Doing that special thing you always wanted to do ‘some day’ – now is that time If by chance there is something you want to do that isn’t being offered, start it up and others will join in. That’s how all the current activities got started.

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Are you planning to build a house, condominiun, apartment, villa or a town house in your own lot? You have found the best architect - construction firm at Ajijic and Lake Chapala Jalisco Mexico!

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Welcome to Lake Chapala! Lake Chapala is Mexico's largest freshwater lake. Many believe that the Lake Chapala is haunted by the lost souls of natives from the past Lake Chapala/Ajijic (ah-hee-HEEK) boasts a wealth of amenities, including fine dining, shopping, community activities, English-language newspapers, theater and concerts, and a well-developed system of real estate brokerage and sales, not even to mention homes with spectacular lake views Living in Lake Chapala and Ajijic and environs are more happy foreign residents than perhaps anywhere else Buying houses and real estate in and around Lake Chapala has become common enough to allow many English speaking residents to live here comfortably and happily Arq. Lourdes Orozco Beltrán
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