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Raquet Club

San Juan Cosala, Jalisco, Mexico

The Raquet Club, is located in the hills of San Juan Cosala well known for its termal waters, it is at 5 minutes from Ajijic and 15 from Chapala. This upscale development has the best lake views of Chapala lakeside, there still some lots for sale that you might look at!

In San Juan Cosala you will find spas, famous for its thermal baths and spouting geyser. The Balneario Motel is situated in front of the Lake Chapala. It has large public swimming pools, steam cave, and several restaurants are popular with locals and expats alike. Families come by the carload on the weekends and holidays. On the highway is the Villas Buenaventura, another spa. Lakefront homes in San Juan Cosala make this a popular area.

Sierra Madre and Lake Views

Sierra Madre and Lake Views

This gated sub division sits on a mountain over-looking Lake Chapala and the mountains far beyond the lake. No home lacks a view in this area.

Hot Water

Hot Water

The raquet Club is fairly steep, so it offers spectacular views of the lake. Many of the homes are sitting above the hot water aquafer that supplies the water to the hot springs resort below in San Juan Cosala, so they actually have drilled wells into this, and have thermal water for their pools. There is a nice spa you should visit

Raquet Club Waterfalls

In the rainy season in San Juan Cosala you can enjoy of waterfalls above town, hike up from the street that goes between the church and the plaza, continuing on trails and on streets in the Raquet Club development. Here’s one of the waterfalls, up close. You can see how lush and green everything is!

Water Falls - San Juan Cosala

Water Falls - San Juan Cosala

In Lake Chapala its very convenient that it usually rains at night and you can go for a picknick without having to worry about rain.

Unobstructed Panoramic Views

Unobstructed Panoramic Views

Enjoy fantastic unobstructed panoramic views of Lake Chapala, the surrounding mountains and the charming village of San Juan Cosala from any lot in the Raquet Club.

Enjoy of Nature

Enjoy of Nature

In San Juan Cosala you will be able to enjoy the benefits that Thermal Mineral Water can bring to your health in body and mind. These waters are born from natural Hot Springs and come out at over 98 centigrade. In the balnearios of San Juan Cosala you will be able to enjoy NATURE that is abundant in a beautiful place, with one of the greatest climates in the world and certainly of beautiful Views. Let the nature treat you well.

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Ajijic Mexico

Formed by gigantic earth movements millions of years ago, the lake originally spread far beyond its present cucumber-shaped 50- by 20-mile basin south of Guadalajara. Now rounded, gentle mountains shelter the sprinkling of small towns and villages that decorate the shoreline. Chapala’s rural southern lakeside contrasts with the northern shore, which has become both a favored holiday retreat for well-to-do Guadalajara families and home to a sizable colony of American and Canadian retirees.

The 10-mile procession of petite, picturesque towns—Chapala, Chula Vista, San Antonio, La Floresta, Ajijic, San Juan Cosala, and others—scattered along the northern shore have collectively become known as the Chapala Riviera. A stream of visitors and an abundance of resident talent and resources sustain good restaurants and hotels as well as fine shops that offer the works of an accomplished community of artisans and artists.

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Are you planning to build a house, condominiun, apartment, villa or a town house in your own lot? You have found the best architect - construction firm at Ajijic and Lake Chapala Jalisco Mexico!

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